„Technical Cleanliness in Practice“ workshop, Wrocław, 16.04.2019

„Technical Cleanliness in Practice“ workshop, Wrocław, 16.04.2019
The "Technical Cleanliness in Practice" workshop will take place on 16 April 2019 in Wrocław at Terminal hotel.
The main organiser of the event is 5sCONNECT, and co-organisers: Team Prevent, NOYEN, dhs GmbH and BOSMAL.
Our workshop is a perfect combination of practice and theory.
  • During the theoretical panel, the following topics will be discussed:
  1. Preservation of cleanliness in manufacturing processes
  2. VDA 19.2
  3. Washing of components
  4. Checking technical cleanliness
  5. VDA 19.1
  6. Advanced methods of testing technical cleanliness. This part will be run by BOSMAL employees - Krzysztof Brodzik, Joanna Faber and Marta Nycz, who will present advanced techniques in cleanliness testing.
  • In the practical part - consisting of 4 thematic panels - participants will have the opportunity to talk with the speakers, ask questions, and get acquainted with the equipment for cleanliness control.
Registration for the workshop – at http://technicalcleanliness.pl
There you will also find a description of the event - which will be gradually expanded.
We wish to invite you on behalf of all co-organisers!