4th edition of the specialist electric car workshop

4th edition of the specialist electric car workshop
On October 24, BOSMAL hosted a workshop on the "Construction, principles of operation and safety issues related to lithium-ion batteries" organised by the Non-Ferrous Metals Institute in Poznań - Central Laboratory of Batteries and Cells. The speakers included Krzysztof Wasiński, PhD, Eng. - lecturer in the Department of Advanced Materials, and Piotr Bakiera, MSc, Eng. - technologist in the Department of New Technologies of Energy Storage.
Workshop programme
Electrochemistry and mechanics of Li-ion cells:
  • Chemical power sources - basic concepts and parameters
  • Primary and secondary lithium cells: principle of operation, electrical characteristics
  • Operation of Li-ion batteries
  • Shape, construction and construction materials of Li-ion cells
  • Causes and consequences of faults and failures of Li-ion cells
Li-ion cell failures and good practices:
  • Classification of Li-ion cell failures
  • Methods of protection of cylindrical and prismatic cells
  • Good practices in battery packs
In the near future, presentations will be sent to participants of the workshop, which were used to discuss the above issues.