VII International Congress on Combustion Engines

VII International Congress on Combustion Engines
On June 27-29, 2017, the 7th International Congress on Combustion Engines was organised by the Polish Scientific Society of Combustion Engines in cooperation with the Institute of Combustion Engines and Transport from Poznan University of Technology.
The theme of the 7th Congress covered new achievements in the field of design, research and manufacture of internal combustion engines, wear materials and ecology-related issues.
At the Congress, in addition to papers presented at plenary, panel and poster sessions, an exhibition was also organised for representatives of the engine and automotive industry, research equipment related to this industry and an industrial session. BOSMAL was a co-organiser of this event. The Exhibition of Automotive Industry Achievements took place at the Poznań University of Technology, in the building of the Lecture and Conference Centre and the Library of the Poznań University of Technology.
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