In the field of road tests and measurements, we perform, among others:
  • bench testing and measurements, dynamic and mileage accumulation measurements of complete motor vehicles (cars, vans, trucks, buses and others) powered by conventional and alternative fuels,
  • testing of parts, assemblies, fuels, fluids and lubricants of motor vehicles in the scope of: wear, assembly, functionality, property changes, etc.,
  • measurements of working parameters of car assemblies, other devices and vehicles at ambient temperatures from -45°C to +65°C in a climatic chamber,
  • diagnoses, verifications and technical analyses of car breakdowns; car repairs,
  • measurements of fuel/electricity consumption for buses powered by combustion and electric engines according to the SORT methodology,
  • measurements of the useful trunk capacity (ISO 3832:2002),
  • defrosting and demisting according to EU Regulation 672/2010,
  • measurements of vehicle masses with an axle load of up to 12 T,
  • measurements of vehicle heating efficiency,
  • geometric measurements of dimensions and basic vehicle parameters. 
Durability (mileage accumulation) tests are carried out on public roads over various agreed route profiles.