Electric vehicles charging stations, DC - 50 kW and AC - 22 and 43 kW chargers

Quick-charging station - Efacec EV DC QC45

Efacec EV DC QC45 chargers are solutions that allow fast supply of energy to any type of vehicle, regardless of the standard: CHAdeMO, CCS or AC Type-2. The system is extremely easy to use. After identification of the user (authorization – if required), you only need to select the option applicable for a given vehicle type and connect the charger. The DC charging mode will end automatically or it can be stopped on demand by the user. Optional connectors: Basic Single DC, Dual DC and even Triple DC+AC can have a single enclosure or can be split as separate cables connected to the common interface. QC45 combines a unique design and excellent specification – high performance, optimum power ratio and efficiency.

System overview

  • Quick charging of any compatible vehicle 
  • 0 to 80% in less than half an hour 
  • Simultaneous charging with DC and AC 
  • Color display
  • Multi-standard (DCA – CHAdeMO; DCC - CCS/Combo; AC)
  • Network integration (OCPP or via a dedicated protocol) 
  • Communication (3G, LAN, Wi-Fi) 
  • Optional 2-element configuration (kiosk/terminal)

Main features

  • Support for many connector standards 
  • DC up to 50 kW 
  • AC up to 43 kW 
  • High efficiency: > 93% 
  • High power ratio: 0.98 
  • Plug & play type system

AC charging station

AC charging station for electric vehicles with type 2 sockets. AC charger allows simultaneous charging of two vehicles.
Main parameters:
  • socket: type 2 (IEC62196-2) – cable Type2 or Type1
  • output current: 32 A (x2)
  • output power: 22 kW (x2)
  • output voltage: 400 V AC 3P + N + PE
  • charging mode: Mode 3 (IEC 61851)
The station is used to charge vehicles tested at the BOSMAL Institute.