Measurements of vehicles’ performance

We conduct:

  • Measurements of maximum speed
  • Measurements of acceleration rate
    • From a standing start, shifting through the gears, or in a chosen gear
    • From a running start, commencing from a chosen speed
  • Determination of rolling resistance
    • vehicles of all types; special vehicles, tractors
    • combustion engine (petrol, diesel, LPG, CNG, biofuels, others), electric and hybrid powertrains
    • tests according to UNECE Regulation No. 68
    • measurements performed on-road by a contactless method by means of Corrsys-Datron measuring sets with a Correvi optical head
Document No. Title/Description
Regulamin nr 68 EKG ONZ / UNECE Regulation No. 68 / Regelung Nr. 68 UN/ECE UNECE Regulation No. 68 - Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of: Power-driven Vehicles Including Pure Electric Vehicles with Regard to the Measurement of the Maximum Speed