Calibration work on the ECU control unit

Calibration works carried out on the dyno are performed in order to optimise engine parameters through modification of variables in the engine ECU. Calibration of variables is carried out with the engine working in states determined from partial and maximum load conditions, together with dynamic states, aiming to result in proper engine operation, as well as compliance with technical requirements stated by the manufacturer.

Sample calibration works 

  • injector mapping
  • engine friction mapping
  • calculated rotational torque (torque to quantity)
  • air pulsation
  • volumetric engine efficiency
  • actuator calibration, e.g. of EGR, TVA, VGT, etc.
  • strategies to protect the engine against overloading and overheating
  • fuel injection and air flow strategy calibration
  • power curve calibration
  • fuel consumption and exhaust emissions optimisation
  • combustion process stability optimisation