BOSMAL’s engine dyno testing laboratory, equipped with 20 modern engine dynos (AVL, HORIBA) – including dynamic dynos, hybrid testing benches and eddy current brakes – allows research and development works at the highest global level to be carried out.

BOSMAL’s engine dyno testing laboratory specialises in:

  • new engine design development works,
  • emission and simulation tests,
  • choosing optimal engine components, together with calibration preparation,
  • calibration works carried out on the engine control unit, for example engine power curve calibration, emission optimisation,
  • durability tests,
  • thermal shock tests,
  • special tests and NVH measurements,
  • combustion process tests,
  • quality control tests,
  • qualification tests of engines and their subassemblies,
  • engine oil tests.

Exhaust aftertreatment system tests:

  • NSC+DPF Euro 6 system development,
  • SCR Euro 6 system development
  • POC tests,
  • catalytic converter ageing tests (on all liquid/gaseous fuels),
  • Particle mass testing (PM), particle number testing (PN) and solid particle size distribution testing,
  • urea dosage optimisation for applications with SCR.

BOSMAL’s engine dyno testing laboratory tests the following engine types:

  • vehicular engines: light/medium/heavy duty,
  • industrial engines,
  • hybrid powertrains,
  • sporting and motorcycle engines,
  • off-road vehicle engines,
  • marine engines.