The Automotive Parts and Systems Research Laboratory specialises in a comprehensive examinations of the chassis, parts and components of the chassis, body and body equipment. In the field of body and body component research, BOSMAL has the ability to configure test systems for multi-axis loading (forces, torques) of various parts and assemblies. We perform functional, endurance and fatigue tests (including also for the industry sectors other than automotive). Regarding braking systems, we carry out tests of disc brakes and drum brakes on a real scale in the range of functional and durability tests on a modern inertia test bench. In the case of gearboxes, we perform endurance tests and other tests on manual, automatic and dual-clutch gearboxes using modern test benches equipped with Reilhofer vibration analysers.
We offer a wide range of tests for heat exchangers. We carry out pressure and thermal shock tests, measurements of hydrocarbon and freon emissions, purity tests, ageing, corrosion, erosion, destructive tests, acoustics, thermal imaging, vibration, etc. We also specialize in electrical, vibration, vibroacoustic, photometric and colorimetric measurements and tests of resistance to climatic conditions.