We offer comprehensive design services in CAD systems, starting from creating 3D models, to full documentation, technical drawings and product control.
Professional software allows our engineers to carry out work in the field of design development, CAE/CAM engineering calculations and production support. We deal with industrial design; we construct passenger cars as well as parts and assemblies, technological and production tests and equipment, control and measurement tools for the production needs of the automotive sector. We perform strength calculations of mechanical structures using the FEM finite element method and design-computational analyses of vehicles components and systems, and develop programs for numerically controlled machine tools on 2.5/3/5 axes, using CAD/CAM systems.
We supervise the construction of current production vehicles and their components, solving problems related to the construction. As part of our cooperation with manufacturers, we conduct structural analyses of changes introduced, we prepare our own modification proposals and we participate in new launches. We have extensive experience in diagnosing the causes of defects occurring during manufacturing and operation. We prepare our own proposals for changes and solutions in terms of improving quality, reducing production costs and adapting vehicles and their subassemblies to fulfill market requirements.
BOSMAL’s well stocked machine park enables the Institute to produce measuring and control instruments, 2D and 3D gauges, technological equipment for production lines and workshop aids, as well as make models, mock-ups, prototypes (including vehicle prototypes), as well as automotive products and accessories.