Buses and coaches - M2 and M3 category vehicles

In order to be entered into service in road traffic, a vehicle of M2 and M3 categories must undergo the type approval procedure or national individual vehicle approval.

BOSMAL Institute conducts vehicle tests in scope of individual approval, as well as type approval tests based on the authorisations granted by the Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy, and then the Director of Transport Technical Supervision in Warsaw (TDT):
The detailed scope of the Institute's authorisations to carry out type approval tests of the equipment or parts for specific vehicle categories, including M2 and M3, is presented on the website:
BOSMAL also cooperates with other units and technical services authorized to perform this type of tests. We are therefore able to carry out the entire testing and approval process until obtaining a decision on national individual approval or receiving type approval certificate for a given vehicle type.

BOSMAL Institute also carries out Standardised On-Road Tests (SORT) (see: Measurement of electric vehicles’ electricity consumption (bosmal.eu)) and exhaust emission and fuel consumption tests (see: Exhaust emission and fuel consumption tests (bosmal.eu))

We kindly invite you to learn more about the whole scope of the accredited tests carried out by the Institute (Translation of the scope of accreditation of the testing laboratory No. AB 128) as well as other tests and services provided by the Institute.

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