Noxious gas test chamber

The test in flowing mixed gas corrosion test allows to determine the corrosive effect of the working and storage environment on electrotechnical components, especially contacts, terminals and connections (considered both separately and as integrated into a component or assembled as a complete equipment).
Tested samples are placed in the AirEvent Gas/600/0 chamber under various temperature and humidity conditions, in the atmosphere of single corrosive gas or their mixture: 
  • Cl2
  • SO2
  • NO2
  • H2
Gases are mixed with together depending on the test method and/or Customer requirements. The working range of gases concentration is from 10 to 500 ppb.
Gases concentration are monitored with the use of SPM Flex analyser
Preferred test duration is 4, 7, 10, 14 or 21 days.

AirEvent Gas/600/0 chamber equipment

  • inner chamber for corrosion tests
  • concentration gas analyser SPM Flex which allows for actual gas concentration monitoring 
  • corrosive gases dosing system 
  • cabinet with ventilation and gas dosing system.

Test standards

  • IEC 60068-2-60
  • PN-EN 60512-11-14
  • ASTM B845-97
  • Renault 36-00-802
  • VW 80000 
  • and others, on request

Testing and measuring apparatus

  • AirEvent Gas/600/0 Weiss chamber, with internal capacity of 260 L, with internal dimensions (630x630x670) mm
  • corrosive gases dosing system 
  • SPM Flex Honeywell gas concentration analyser with chemocassettes
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