Our engineering team has many years’ experience in the field of electrical and electronic systems for passenger vehicles. We support our customers, both in Poland and abroad, in the following ways (among others):
  • in the design process – development of technical specifications, including requirements for control algorithms and communication protocols
  • during start-up of prototype designs – analysis of anomalies, configuration of components
  • in the implementation phase for production – analysis of process defects, analysis and optimization of the EOL testing process
  • in operational tests – data acquisition and analysis, analysis of operational defects
  • as part of recurring actions – component selection, ECU flashing
Performing our work, we use high-quality tools from Vector Informatik GmbH:
  • a wide range of CAN interfaces
  • CAN recorders
  • CANalyzer - software for monitoring CAN networks 
In the photo: screenshot from the CANalyzer program
In addition, we have dedicated support solutions designed by BOSMAL, for example:
  • maintenance-free tester/recorder (CAN, UDS) allowing performance of simple diagnostic procedures, reading and visualization of operating parameters and other ECU data without the need for specialised equipment; following proper configuration, it can be used by untrained operators (it only requires connection to the OBD connector of the vehicle for a few seconds)
  • CAN automatic data analysis software – used for diagnostics and optimisation of the end-of-line testing process (EOL)
  • universal ECU control module (project in progress, completion date Q4 2018) – to be used as a main EV controller, additional controller for a combustion vehicle or gateway 
In the photo: tester/recorder (CAN, UDS)

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