Test devices used for fatigue testing

Durability/fatigue testing – failure probability analysis

Weibull++7 software – ReliaSoft

  • Weibull++ provides the most comprehensive set of tools for the reliable analysis of data, the execution of statistical calculations and the generation of plots and reports. The software supports the following models: Weibull Exponential, Lognormal, Normal, Generalized Gamma, Gamma, Logistic, Loglogistic, Gumbel, Bayesian-Weibull.
  • Parameter estimation methods: MLE, RRX, RRY

Universal modular controller from the MTS family – MTS FlexTest® Controller

MTS controllers are a reliable, valuable solution to current and future needs. They enable the sharing of test equipment; they are easily configurable to the needs of a wide range of tests and they can be extended for future tests.

Our laboratory is equipped with the following MTS controllers

  • MTS FlexTest 60 – 8 channels
  • MTS FlexTest 60 – 3 channels
  • MTS FlexTest SE – 1 channel
  • MTS FlexTest II CTC – 4 channels