Testing of components and assemblies for non-automotive applications
BOSMAL also performs research and development and production work on behalf of companies from outside the automotive industry. We work on, among other items, various types of lighting, furniture accessories, semi-finished construction products, products used in light industry, plastic and composite products and various types of packaging. Our customers are both companies and individual clients – from Poland and abroad.
Our rich scientific and research facilities and the qualifications and extensive experience of the Institute's employees ensure the high quality of the services we offer.
We carry out static and dynamic tests of mechanical properties, durability, strength and functionality tests, tests for resistance to various environmental conditions, composition tests (both quantitative and qualitative), etc. We invite you to contact us and arrange individual order details. We also encourage you to view the services we offer in the following fields:
  • Tests of resistance to environmental conditions
  • Tests of materials, semi-finished products and products
  • Chemical and physicochemical testing
  • Functional, durability, fatigue and endurance tests
  • Vibratory, vibroacoustic (NVH) and tensometric tests
  • Testing of electrotechnical and electronic products
  • Optical testing
  • Heat exchanger testing
  • Metrological measurements
  • Design work
  • Production
  • Other types of services