Vibroacoustic analysis for transmission tests

To evaluate vibrations during the tests we use Reilhofer’s deltaAnalyser system.
The system compares the gearbox vibration profile at the beginning of the test and compares it with vibrations recorded during the test.
The system ensures early detection of gearbox wear/damage and helps the operator to pinpoint its location (e.g. damage to the teeth of the 3rd gear on the driven wheel and indicate the wear/damage progress history).The system of gearbox wear/damage detection works automatically and runs continuously and is integrated with the test bench control system to stop the test in case of damage occurring or set emergency levels being exceeded.
The system performs FFT analysis of the signal from the vibration sensor
(a knocking sensor used on combustion engines).

Just like any vibration analysis system, deltaAnalyser compares the spectrum of the gearbox at the beginning of the test to the spectrum recorded recently and generates a graph showing overall wear of the gearbox which can be easily understood, by a typical test bench operator.

Spectrum analysis and tolerances at the beginning and at the end of the test.
Trend index and deviation spetrum throughout the entire test.