Activities of our design office - development of turnkey systems


Development of design assumptions

  • Creating 3D models
  • Preparation of 2D documentation
  • Converting drawings and 3D models between different file formats
  • Comprehensive design services in CAD systems, starting with creating 3D models, through the full drawing documentation, to quality control. Making changes and modifications to optimise the final design
  • Making of the projects of construction and adaptation of passenger vehicles for the needs of freight and special transport (partitions, floor modifications for vehicles fitted with gas cylinders)
  • Designing special machines

Engineering calculations

  • Strength calculations of mechanical structures using the finite element method (FEM); structural and computational analysis of vehicle components and systems.
  • Analysis: 
    • linear
    • nonlinear
    • dynamic
    • of natural vibrations
    • coupled field

Programming of CAM systems

  • Development of programs for numerically controlled machine tools on 2.5/ 3/ 5 axes using CAD / CAM systems
  • Also CNC machining


We design and/or produce:
  • control and measuring instruments,
  • templates and measures (2D and 3D) used directly on production lines, as well as in measurement laboratories - for the needs of the automotive and machine industry (broadly defined),
  • technological and production equipment for production and assembly lines,
  • components and vehicle assemblies.
There is the possibility of converting drawings and 3D models between different formats.


  • Surface modeling
  • Solid modeling
  • Parametric modeling


  • Making models and prototypes of:
    • control and laboratory instruments
    • vibration stands
    • control and measurement devices
  • CMM validation (validation of the software of coordinate measuring machines)



Verification and testing



  • Well stocked machine park giving many possibilities
  • Machining types: 3 and 5-axis CNC milling, conventional milling, turning, grinding, wire EDM, welding
  • Making of control and measurement instruments, 2D and 3D gauges and templates, production of technological equipment of production lines and workshop aids,
  • Making sample models, mock-ups, prototypes, prototypes of vehicles
  • Making automotive products and accessories
  • Production of special machines – production automation.

Metrological measurements

  • Measurements of products, with measurement reports issued

Development of testing programs for parts and assemblies

  • Comprehensive development of tools for testing components and assemblies used in the automotive industry

Analysis of existing structures and development of proposals for their modification:

Supervision is exercised over the design of current production vehicles and their components including solving problems related to the design. As part of our cooperation with manufacturers, we conduct structural analysis of changes to be introduced, prepare our own modification proposals, and participate in new launches. We have extensive experience in diagnosing the causes of manufacturing and operational defects.
We prepare our own proposals for changes / solutions in terms of improving quality, reducing production costs and adapting vehicles / their subassemblies to market requirements. 

Implementation into production

BOSMAL offers comprehensive design and production services. Our turnkey solutions include activities ranging from the initial idea and specification of requirements, through the whole design process, to the production of a finished product, control of its dimensions (with a measurement report), tests and research.
We design using CAD systems, create 3D models with the complete drawing documentation.
There are carried out the advanced simulations of complex phenomena using the leading software on the market implementing the finite element method.
Our service packages include: development of design assumptions, engineering calculations, designing, modelling, prototyping, verification and testing, implementation into production.


Professional software allows our engineers to perform work in the field of development design, CAE/CAM engineering calculations and design/production support.

CAD / CAM / CAE systems

  • Dassault Systemes CATIA V5
  • Siemens NX
  • Autodesk INVENTOR
  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Dassault Systemes Simulia Abaqus, CATIA Generative Structural Analysis
  • Solid EDGE
  • Creo

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