Grinder for shaft and openings



Workpiece diameter

160 mm

Max. distance between centres

320 mm

Max. clamp weight of the object being ground

25 kg

Fixing bracket diameter

100 mm



Flat surface grinder SGA 3063 AHD


Workpiece dimensions

305x635x400 mm

Table dimensions

305x635 mm

Speed of travel down the table

7-25 m/min

Max. distance from table surface to spindle axis

580 mm

Max. load (including fixing bracket)

270 kg

Automatic intermittent travel

0,1-8 mm

Quick table movement

990 mm/min

Lateral movement of the table performed by means of a knob

1 mm/rev

Grinding disk dimensions

 350x40x127 mm

Speed of the grinding wheel

1450 (50 Hz) 1750 (60 Hz) rev/min

Quick vertical movement

240 mm/min

Vertical movement performed by means of a knob

1 mm/rev

Spindle motor power

5,5 kW

Vertical movement motor power

0,5 kW

Traversing motor power

0,04 kW

Workspace dimensions

2900x2200 mm


Coordinate grinding machine



Positioning accuracy

0,003 mm

Table fixing area dimensions

270 x 540 mm

Latitudinal/longitudinal travel

254/400 mm

Max. table load

150 kg

Vertical travel

340 mm