Demanding market requirements regarding the safety, strength and aesthetics of materials and products force manufacturers to continuously develop. Laboratories equipped with modern research and measuring equipment, as well as highly qualified staff, allow research materials to be carried out within a very wide scope. Among others:

Chemical and physicochemical research

  • assessment of the quality of motor fuels, oils, lubricants and operating fluids,
  • analysis of chemical composition,
  • testing the purity of components – analysis of the type, size and amount of contamination,
  • helium leak tightness test.

Research on plastics

  • identification,
  • analysis of heavy metal content according to RoHS,
  • tests of functional and technological properties,
  • ageing tests,
  • tests of resistance to environmental conditions,
  • UV, chemical, combustion.

Research on metals

  • analysis of chemical composition and identification,
  • structural analysis,
  • mechanical and technological properties,
  • magnetic-powder tests,
  • electron microscopy,
  • corrosion resistance of electroplate and paint coatings.

Emissions of volatile substances from materials

  • testing materials and complete elements of vehicle equipment in a specialised test chamber with a volume of 1 m3 (Weiss/Voetsh),
  • testing materials via direct methods,
  • tests of air composition and evaluation of the smell in vehicle cabins,
  • quantitative analysis and identification of volatile substances released (fogging, VOC, formaldehyde and others including harmful ones) from products and materials (plastics, foams, upholstery, etc.),
  • testing the smell of materials and products.
We have experience allowing us to solve problems and perform failure analysis (analysis of the causes of faults and problems related to the quality of products).