Measurements of powertrain power and torque

Measurements of powertrain power and torque performed on a chassis dyno, on 1 or 2 axles. Measurements performed directly on the wheels, together with measurements of drive system losses, gives the final level of power and torque on the engine output shaft. Measurement range: 0 – 258 kW per axle.
The following measurements can be performed:
  • static – at a constant, set speed at one or multiple points, depending on requirements
  • dynamic – over the entire vehicle speed range/engine rotational speed range
The results of the measurements are characteristics:
  • intermediate – at a constant, set pressure on the accelerator pedal
  • external – at maximum pressure on the acceleration pedal, indicating the maximum performance of the powertrain over a given vehicle speed range/engine rotational speed range.

Road inclination simulation

AVL Zoellner 4WD/2WD chassis dynos allow simulation of road inclination during drive cycles and all other chassis dyno tests.

Measurements of vehicle dynamics

Measurement of vehicle dynamics, namely is acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph), acceleration time in a given gears, acceleration to the maximum speed of 250 km/h (150 mph).

Engine operation control optimisation

Engine operation control optimisation at constant speed or with the power supplied by the dyno.


  • Chassis dyno – AVL Zoellner 4WD
  • Chassis dyno – AVL Zoellner 2WD