We specialise in performing testing in the field of exhaust emission and fuel consumption, such as:
  • work on reducing emissions of harmful exhaust compounds,
  • emission tests according to EU (EURO 4/5/6), EPA/CARB US norms and Japanese norms,
  • emission tests at positive and sub-zero ambient temperatures,
  • conducting modal analysis of harmful concentrated and diluted exhaust compounds,
  • emission tests on vehicles powered by liquid fuels, gaseous fuels (LPG, CNG) and biofuels,
  • solid particle emission tests using the gravimetric method and measurements of particle number (PN), including quantification according to particle diameter,
  • efficiency testing and selection of exhaust gas aftertreatment systems: TWC, DOC, DPF, GPF, POC, LNT, SCR (and combinations thereof),
  • measurements of vehicles’ dynamic parameters on the chassis dyno,
  • fuel consumption and CO2 emission tests
  • motorcycle exhaust emission and performance tests,
  • tests of exhaust emissions from light- and heavy-duty vehicles (cars, vans and trucks) under real world conditions using portable emissions analysers (PEMS).
We have two laboratories equipped with modern, single-roller AVL chassis dynos. The first laboratory has a 2WD chassis dyno, located in a test cell with ambient temperature regulation ranging from +14°C to +30°C; the second laboratory features a 4WD chassis dyno, located in a WEISS climatic chamber, which allows test to be conducted at ambient temperatures from -35°C to +60°C.