BOSMAL performs, to order, activities relating to the release into circulation of parts/assemblies/vehicle accessories required in light of the applicable provisions on the system for assessment of conformity and general product safety.
We offer services in the following areas:
  • Analysis of New Approach directives and related norms harmonised in terms of CE marking of products
  • Product analysis and assignment according to given legal requirements of various types (directives, type approval, CE, regulations, marking identifying the producer/supplier of the destination vehicle)
  • Analysis of other legal requirements (e.g. GVO directives)
  • Technical analysis regarding vehicles and their components
  • Electrical and electronic analysis for automotive vehicles
  • Carrying out activities related to the verification of the declaration of conformity of automotive parts with the standards and technical conditions
  • Agreements with institutions authorised for certification of the technical conditions and selection of representative samples of the parts subject to certification
  • Analysis of test results and completion of documents for the Certification Body
  • Transfer of full documentation to the Certification Body on behalf of the customer
BOSMAL issues technical opinions on:
  • Automotive spare parts
  • Vehicle accessories
  • Automotive spare parts of comparable quality to the original introduced for sale
Technical opinions cover the following range:
  • Compatibility and interchangeability with OEM products
  • The quality of the products delivered
  • Mountability and functionality on the destination vehicle(s)
  • The state of delivery of products to the commercial network
  • Product picking
  • Marking details
  • Product testing in on-road tests
  • Analysis and assessment of documentation provided by the manufacturer
  • Readability of information for the customer contained in the operating and assembly instructions
Performance of analyses of the effectiveness of MSA measurement systems:
  • Determining the repeatability and reproducibility ratio %GR&R