Laboratory No. 2 with climatic chamber

Schematic diagram of laboratory No. 2, showing the WEISS climatic chamber, the 4WD AVL chassis dynamometer, the HORIBA sampling and dilution system, HORIBA analysers and HORIBA particle number counter.

Devices in Laboratory No. 2

  • HORIBA MEXA 7400 HTRLE exhaust gas analysis suite
  • HORIBA MEXA 7500 DEGR exhaust gas analysis suite
  • HORIBA CVS 7400 S exhaust gas sampling system
  • HORIBA DLS 7100 E particulate matter sampling system
  • HORIBA MEXA-2000SPCS particle counter
  • WEISS WK 643’/35-60/Ro climatic chamber with temp. from -35°C to +60°C
  • AVL 4WD chassis dyno