Line for the manufacture of indoor and outdoor system doormats


The basic function of the line is the manufacture of the system doormats consisting in preparing aluminium profile and installing strips compatible with the profile.
The operator's involvement is limited to setting line operation parameters and replenishing the storage area with components.
Anticipated run time:
  • setting production parameters for a given type of system doormats by the operator
  • collecting the profile from the storage area and transporting it to the punching station with set parameters
  • transporting to the next station where the profile is glued by the rubber tape
  • transporting to the next station where the profile is equipped with doormat insert
  • inserting plastic plugs into the tips of the profiles
  • transporting to the final storage area
Equipment control provided by Siemens
Air service unit, pneumatic cylinders and other pneumatics-related components based on SMC solutions
Overall dimensions of the equipment including protective fencing amount to approx. 11300 x 2700 x 1600 mm.

Elements of five workstations

  • Systems of pneumatic and electrical cylinders, screw mechanisms for production operations to be performed in the stations
  • Construction built of alminium profiles
  • Mechanism for transporting parts between stations
  • Component storage area
  • Control cabinet and tooling

Station functionality

S1 - Feeding the line with charge material consisting of aluminium profiles
S2 - Making the holes to connect the profiles and create module doormat
S3 - Getting profile glued by the rubber tape and installing doormat insert
S4 - Sealing the external holes with plastic plugs
S5 - Transporting ready product to the storage area for final assembly