Testing of luminaires for general lighting

Testing of luminaires

Our photometric laboratory offers a wide range of accreditation and extensive experience of our research staff. Test reports and photometric files are prepared individually for the tested luminaires. 
The indications of our test equipment are monitored continuously using standards registered by the Central Office of Measures to ensure fully reliable research results.
In addition, except research in the field of lighting technology, the laboratory offers a wide range of research aimed at developing and controlling the quality of lighting products.
fot. Photometric measurements using photometric bench.

The scope of research

Photometric measurements

  • Spatial distribution of luminous intensity with angular resolution up 0,1˚ using classic or fast goniophotometer
  • Luminous flux, luminous efficacy, 
  • Colorimetric parameters:
    • colour rendering index (CRI),
    • colour temperature (Tc), correlated colour temperature(CCT)
    • chromaticity coordinates
  • Goniospectroradiometric measurements
  • Assessment of blue light retinal hazard 
  • Luminance measurements using matrix luminance meter or single-spot photometer
  • Measurements of light source flickering, effective luminous intensity, timing parameters
  • Spectroradiometric measurements in wavelength range from 200 nm to 1100 nm
  • Colour, transmission and reflectance of luminaries materials  
  • Calculations and visualizations:
    • preparation of photometric files
    • isocandela and isolux distributions
    • glare estimations
    • calculations in Dialux.
fot. Luminous flux measurement using integrating sphere. 

Electrical measurements

  • Electrical parameters:
    • true power, apparent power, reactive power
    • power factor
    • total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
  • Power losses (i.e. as a heat on LED module)
fot. Electrical tests using an oscilloscope.

Water and dust resistance tests

  • IPX1 - IPX9
  • IP5X - IP6X
fot. Immersion tests.

Durability tests

fot. Aging tests.


  • Thermovision
  • Temperature shocks, splash tests
fot. Thermographic test of special lighting luminaire.

Dark room

Photometric measurements are performed in an air-conditioned photometric darkroom equipped with a photometric tunnel 25 m length. 
Exemplary apparatus:
  • On the fly goniophotometer
  • Imaging photometer LumiCam 1300 Advanced
  • Spectroradiometers: Jeti Specbos 1201, Stellarnet SILVER-Nova, GLX 10
  • Photometer-radiometer:Sonopan RF-100.
fot. Goniophotometer.

Our professional skills

The experience and knowledge of our research staff is confirmed by a wide range of accreditation and many scientific publications.
In addition, our employees regularly take part in National Lighting Conferences organized by the Polish Lighting Committee (link to: http://www.ciepoland.pl/)

Our scientific publications: 

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