Chambers – climatic, corrosion, ageing, light resistance, thermal, ovens and large dimension chambers

Here we present selected chambers used by BOSMAL for material, corrosion, temperature, climatic (environmental, ageing) and other tests.

Thermal chambers, chambers for pressure testing, chambers for product tightness testing

BOSMAL possesses various types of:
  • thermal chambers,
  • thermal chambers with pressure testing capabilities,
  • chambers for checking the tightness of products, subassemblies and connectors.

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Climatic chambers

Corrosion chambers

Shock chambers


Chambers for testing resistance to light

Internal and high flow corrosion chambers for ageing and corrosion testing

Large dimension chambers

The Institute has large dimension chambers for testing vehicles, devices and assemblies.
  • Climate chamber, WEISS WK 643 'with chassis dynamometer - AVL Zoellner 4WD
Temp .: -35°C to + 60°C
Dimensions of the chamber (length x width x height): 14300 × 10100 × 4300 mm
  • Climatic chamber, free-standing – parameters:
Temp .: -45°C - + 75°C
Dimensions of the chamber (length x width x height): 8700 x 7100 x 3150 mm
Gate dimensions (W x H): 3600 x 2780 mm

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Rain chambers

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