Our services comprise

  • Vehicle service centre 

The range of services offered by BOSMAL’s service centre:

  • Inspections and repairs to vehicles of various brands – passenger cars and vans
  • Engine diagnosis
  • Air conditioning diagnosis
  • Electronic diagnosis of injection and ignitron systems
  • Visual evaluations of the state of components and systems via endoscope

 Seasonal promotions include, among others:

  • SUMMER campaign (Akcja LATO) – vehicle inspection before the summer season
  • WINTER campaign (Akcja ZIMA) – vehicle inspection before the winter season
  • Tyres at attractive prices
  • Discounts for return customers
  • Technical advice


• diagnosis,
• replacing batteries,
• candles,
• starter repairs,
• alternator repairs,


• convergence, checking, setting.


• sale,
• replacement - fully automatic Hunter assembly plant (intended for mounting Run Flat tires),
• balancing - a modern Hunter balancing machine with a road test,
• storage.


• the car gets stuck on the road - we will transport it.

Tire replacement, promotional price 


Replacing a set of tires with balancing on a device with a road test

PLN 250 for 4 pieces

Steel rims (replacement of the set)

Rim up to 16" - PLN 86
Rim from 17" - PLN 96

Aluminum rims (replacement of the set)

Rim up to 18" - PLN 110
Rim from 19" - PLN 120

Tires/wheels can be stored

PLN 70 gross per season (limited number of places)

We accept bank cards: Visa, MasterCard

We welcome customers from Monday to Friday during the hours 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
Orders taken during the hours 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Centre OSKP SB/036 inspects all types and makes of vehicle


We carry out:

  • Periodic technical inspections of All types of Road vehicles: passenger cars, trucks, special vehicles, buses (categories A, B, C, D, T and E)
  • Periodic technical inspections of trailers, semi-trailers, motorcycles and agricultural tractors
  • Periodic technical inspections for imported vehicles prior to initial registration in Poland

We also carry out technical tests of:

  • Vehicles running on gaseous fuel
  • Vehicles referred for testing by the authorities responsible for traffic
  • Vehicles referred for testing by the authorities responsible for licensing, following structural modifications requiring amendments to the registration document
  • Vehicles used to carry hazardous materials
  • Vehicles which have been involved in an accident or collision
  • Vehicles used as taxis
  • Vehicles adapter for use by learner drivers
  • Vehicles of the SAM brand
  • Vehicles with permanent four-wheel-drive
  • Including testing of the braking force for vehicles with permanent four-wheel-drive


The centre is equipped with MAHA’s product line, MAHA being a company which has extensive experience in the production of devices for roadworthiness testing. These devices allow for quick and ergonomic determination of the actual condition of the vehicle being inspected, as well as the level of wear of individual elements in the suspension.

Device servicing

All our devices are certified, with certification audited annually. In addition, every six months the devices are subject to periodic manufacturer inspections. Equipment which is subject to the requirements of the Polish Office of Technical Inspection is also subject to such an inspection every year. As a result, our customers' vehicles are diagnosed under sound conditions, resulting in maximum reduction of the risk of damage to the vehicle due to device faults during diagnosis.

Address of the Vehicle Roadworthiness Testing Centre and the Vehicle Service Centre

BOSMAL Automotive Research and Development Institute Ltd
ul. Sarni Stok 93
43-300 Bielsko-Biała
e-mail: serwis[ at ]bosmal.com.pl
tel.: 33 813 04 13
tel.: 33 813 04 14
tel.: 33 813 04 15
Access via od ulica Okrężna.