Product impact resistance tests

Reference samples or entire products are subjected to impact tests:
  • falling weight method with a weight of specified dimensions and mass from a suitable height,
  • hitting (shooting) method with stones/shot of specified dimensions, mass and pressure,
  • dynamic ball impact method with a specified force (Pistol Test)
  • single impact method with guided stricking element

In order to determine the type of damage and the influence of damage caused on the functionality of the element or/and its coating.


Erichsen Impact Testing Device - Model 305 (range: 0-90 N)
The laboratory has various weights of specified mass, shape and dimensions, meeting customers’ varying requirements. The laboratory also has a mobile hitting (shooting) stones/shot device, meeting various customer requirements, together with the possibility to adapt the equipment to meet new requirements.

Testing norms

  • ISO 6272-1
  • ISO 20567-1
  • ISO 20567-2
  • ISO 4532
  • DIN 55996-1

Customer norms

  • Ford, CEVT, Volvo, VW, Renault, GMW, PSA, Audi, BMW, Daimler, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Kia, Fiat, Jaguar Land Rover
Document No. Title/Description
ISO 6272-1 Paints and varnishes - Rapid-deformation (impact resistance) tests - Part 1: Falling-weight test, large-area indenter
ISO 20567-1 Paints and varnishes - Determination of stone-chip resistance of coatings - Part 1: Multi-impact testing
ISO 20567-2 Paints and varnishes - Determination of stone-chip resistance of coatings - Part 2: Single-impact test with a guided impact body
ISO 4532 Vitreous and porcelain enamels - Determination of the resistance of enamelled articles to impact - Pistol test
DIN 55996-1 Paints and varnishes - Stone chip resistance test for coatings - Part 1: Multi impact test