Cold water thermal shocks – Water splash tests

Testing resistance to thermal shocks caused by cold water – Water splash tests

Test description:

The test aims to simulate the cyclic splashing of heated up elements with cold water.
Examples of test objects:
Engine cooling modules, lamps, solenoid valves, wiring/tubing bundles and others.
In addition, we provide glycol or oil circulation to the test objects, as well as electric cycles (if required).

Splash test chamber – test bench technical parameters:

  • chamber operating temperature range 30 - 170°C,
  • water temperature range 0 - 20°C,
  • dimensions of the workspace W x H x D = 1500 x 1180 x 1250 mm,
  • nozzle speed (with cold water): 1 - 25 cm/s,
  • water flow up to 60 l/min,
  • possibility of using water-dust mixtures.

Thermovision camera analysis of a heat exchanger during testing: resistance to cold water thermal shocks – water splash test