Production equipment and measuring instruments manufactured by BOSMAL

We design and/or produce:
  • control and measuring instruments,
  • templates and measures (2D and 3D) used directly on production lines, as well as in measurement laboratories - for the needs of the automotive and machine industry (broadly defined),
  • technological and production equipment for production and assembly lines,
  • components and vehicle assemblies.
There is the possibility of converting drawings and 3D models between different formats.
We design and manufacture measuring and control equipment as well as technological and production devices for the needs of the automotive industry for manufacturers of:
  • lamps,
  • mirrors,
  • seats,
  • wiper mechanisms,
  • transmission gears,
  • rugs, insulation, rear parcel shelves (control templates),
and many others.

Examples of products

Sample stands and control and measurement devices produced for car lamp manufacturers:
  • photometric stands
  • 3D lamp bases
  • vibration stands
  • 3D cover bases
  • gauges for housing
  • precise checking of vehicle bodywork

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